My volunteer technical director (and co-host of God Geeks) is heading off to college. This past week was his last Wednesday night so in honor of him we did an all Geek youth lesson that I lovingly called a Geekstravaganza.

It was the first lesson that I wrote fresh in a long time. I have been doing things from Lifeway and then stuff from our Dating 101 since December so it felt nice to get back into the writing again, even if it was themes that we have covered many times before.

The Geekstravaganza was broken into 3 parts:

1) You are a super hero. You have powers because Jesus said that you have power. In Ephesians 2 Paul elaborates on that and says that you have the same power that raised Christ from the dead living in you.

2) But the world likes to drag you away and use that power on frivolous stuff. I used the old addage of a carrot on a stick to talk about how MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft) keep you playing. In the same way the world holds out stuff and says if you come and get this stuff you will be happy. When in the end all that makes us happy is following God.

3) So you are powerful and God has a place for you, but there are all sorts of distractions that pull you away from following Him. That means that you have a choice. I used 4 scenarios (and a 20 sided die) to give people a choice to do the right thing or to look out for themselves. I broke them into groups of 4 and then read the scenarios. Once they made their choice (it was always a binary decision) they rolled the d20 to see the result of their actions.


Here are two ideas that we used during the lesson. To do the scenarios you will need at least a d20 (available at any hobby shop) and you may also need a d4.

Cookie Cutter Christians

Geekstravaganza Scenarios

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