Geese with Guns

I’ve never really been a hunter, but I can understand some of the reasons why people would want to do it. With that being said there are some types of hunting that I will never understand.

I was flipping channels and happened on Outdoor Life Network. These guys were laying in a duck blind (that looked just like deer blinds) waiting for Canada Geese to come by so they could shoot them with shotguns (the people shoot the geese not the other way around although geese with guns would make good TV). Anyway, one of the guys was from Georgia and he was in Canada to hunt geese. All I kept thinking the whole time was “Dude why didn’t you just drive to Eufaula? You are sitting there hiding from them and trying to fool them with your 50 some odd decoys, but at the state park here every time I open up a bag of chips I am surrounded by geese. Maybe the reason they are so hard to hunt there is because you are hunting them in the wrong place.”

Of course I have similar notions about deer hunters too. From what I have seen the best place to hunt for deer is on the side of the highway and if you are lucky you can find them already laying there waiting for you to pick them up.

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