General Update

I am going to teach from a Bluefish TV series I picked up at the bookstore. It is video based, but most of the teach is asking questions and leading discussion. I love leading discussion even more than preaching I think. The problem is that leading discussion with a group of 30 can be a bit tricky. But I am excited about it at least.

One of the reasons I think I was stressing out about what I am talking about is that there is a guy who I have been talking too for about 2 years now who keeps hinting like he is going to come to one of these days. So I keep thinking of him as I prepare. But I feel excited about this lesson now so at least I will have more energy.

One of the cool things that we are doing tomorrow night is to have an acoustic set instead of our full band. It is something that we should do more often. Our band makes even the most reflective songs sound like a power ballad so it will be nice to simplify things a bit.

I am currently working on some custom Creative Prayer journals. Ryan contacted me and asked me to make some that he could use as a prayer guide for his upcoming mission trip. The more I work with these Creative Prayer journals the more I think that the best thing about them is the ability to be customized. Most of the time when I am getting ready for a mission trip I encourage students to be praying, but without some sort of material it is just all up to them. A customized journal should help them to pray and teach them something about keeping a prayer journal all at the same time.

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