Getting Caught Up

Working as a minister one of the things that you learn very early on is that the weeks never stop. If you are a pastor there is always another Sunday. If you are a youth pastor there is always another Wednesday. Even if you take a long weekend, or have other things to do, the Wednesday night meeting is always coming back around again, and the same study, planning, and set-up has to happen.

As a youth pastor I lighten this load sometimes by using prepackaged stuff. I guess I do that about 1/4 of my yearly lesson, but even those need to be learned and tweaked. Sometimes I do take vacations that are over Wednesday’s where I will give the night to someone else, but I still have to get things set up and ready for them.

Tonight our praise band has an opportunity to go and play at an associational youth rally in the next county. Because of this my wife is going to be showing a video to our students, and remarkably enough that is all set up and ready to go. I have my band stuff taken down and ready to be loaded into the van and I think I have everything I need for tonight. So for a short while I am caught up. (without a huge load of things to do on the horizon either)

So, I said all of that to say that I have been trying to catch up on emails today. Thank you all for your kind words and for letting me know how you use the stuff on It makes my day to hear that someone is doing a skit in Singapore or a reading in Australia. Please keep those emails coming. I do try to answer each one of them, but as you can tell sometimes it takes a week or so for me to find a time to breathe and get to what is essentially my hobby. If you have asked me a question lately and I haven’t responded to you, then you may need to send the email again (assuming you still need an answer) because I think I am caught up, so I have apparently misplaced your email if you haven’t gotten a reply.

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