Getting Organized Step 1

My life is so crazy from late May until about mid-September that stuff starts to pile up around me. My office gets cluttered and the youth areas of the church just sort of collect stuff. Today the Eufaula students were on fall break so for the promise of Chinese food they came to the church to help me clean out and reorganize our main youth closet. It took us about 3 hours, but it would have been much longer if I had done it myself and I got a chance to hang out with them again. You just can’t beat relationship building when it comes to youth ministry.

My cleaning today had ulterior motives. I have lost my copy of MediaShout. Since my computer crashed I have been using the 30 day trial, but the end of that is looming and I need to find my copy so that I can reinstall it. I thought it was in that closet, but it looks like I was wrong. Now I have to clean out my office and see if I find it anywhere in there. I hope I do because the next step is a search of my garage and I don’t want to do that any time soon.

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