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I normally make a new graphic package for each lesson series that we do on Wednesday nights. I like having the consistent theme (now that I think about it I think I am going to do more package oriented stuff for Sunday mornings too). Normally I am doing things that have a grunge/hip/youth/extreme/serious type vibe. (Yes I know those words are lame. You should read that as being ironic.) I have acquired a large collection of graphic elements that help with those types of designs. I have grunge brushes and crumpled paper textures, so when I start to make a new image I sort of go digging through what I have and see how I can slap it together.

Our next youth study, however, is on Chick Flicks. It will be 4 or 5 weeks of looking at girl movies and using them as the spring board for lessons on Family, growing up, being yourself, and making a difference in your world. The problem is I don’t do a whole lot of girl graphics so I don’t have a large collection of pieces already on my hard drive. Also, for some reason I just couldn’t get an image in my head of what I wanted the main graphic to look like. I spent hours on istock just cruising through pictures looking for inspiration. 

In the end I made the picture below. I am not exactly 100% satisfied with it, but it has the combination that I want between fun and girly with a movie theme thrown in.

I bring this up because I am going to try to be more female focused in our group this year. There is a large group of guys who come to our church, but they are all seniors. I love them and I have big plans to use their strengths and leadership this year, but in just a few months they will be gone. So I am trying to cultivate some of the younger youth, especially the girls in our group and help them to step up and feel welcomed as well as people who have something important to add to our group.

Chick Flicks is one of the visible steps, but there are other subtle shifts happening as well. Over the next few months I will let you know how things go.

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