GO Into All the World

There is a grandfather out here who is ready to go. He called to one of his granddaughters and said, “let’s go.” She came to him, and then he said, “tell your sister it’s time to go.” The little girl turned around and yelled across the park, “Jessica! IT’S TIME TO GO!”

Her grandfather said to her, “Go and tell her it’s time to go,” and without stopping she said, “Grandpa, I just did.”

How many times is the church like this? We have this call of God to go out into the world and tell people about the healing love of Jesus, and we stand at the door of our church and shout to the world “COME IN!” without really trying to go out and get them. Then when we feel the tug of God asking us to go and tell the world we say, “We did. Look at our building it is very seeker friendly, and we have such beautiful stained glass windows and we have an add on TV and we even invite people to come to revival. We have told them to come.”

But the command isn’t to tell them to come. The command and the heart of God is to go and get them and show them the way.

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