God and Words

There are times when I am scared of words. Well, not words exactly, more like the absence of words. So much of my life is dominated by the need to come up with new words. Each week I have to find a new way to tell timeless truths. I am also trying to be a freelance writer and keep what little bit of following I have gained through this site by adding more words here. And there are times when I am afraid that I am just going to one day wake up and not have anymore words.

But then there are nights like tonight–nights when God comes through in a big way. When I tell you this it may seem simple to you, but for me this is how I know that God is real. I have been working on my lesson for tonight for several days. I came up with the idea on Friday and ever since I have been sitting down and random times trying to find the outline and trying to find a creative way to present what is actually a very old message. (we are talking about how to become a Christian). So all weekend long I just couldn’t find the words, and I was a long way from coming up with something creative.

So tonight I took a break before trying to find the words again and instead I prayed. I forgot about the lesson and just spent some time with God. Then when I started working the words were there. There is no other way that I can explain it. The words were just there. Now I am not saying that it is the greatest lesson ever, but it is pretty good, and I know that if I can stay out of the way and just let God speak through me He can make it great.  

It is the little gifts from God, the things that can so easily be explained as something else, that show me His presence over and over again.  

One thought on “God and Words

  • June 5, 2008 at 2:40 AM

    I love to read that you spent some time with God. It always help makes things clearer, doesn’t it?


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