God Geeks: A Podcast Experiement

Chris “Wookie” Goins is one of my college students. He is sort of the technical director of our church and more than that he is my resident go to Geek. We have been meeting on Thursday mornings and for some reason this week I thought we would sit down and record a podcast.

The idea of God Geeks is something that we have been talking about for a while. The main idea is to create a podcast that will educate youth workers and parents in all things Geek related. The idea is to create a way to talk about general geek culture (D&D, Video Games, World of Warcraft, Comics, Anime, Superhero movies, Battlestar Galactica, Sci-Fi, Magic the Gathering, etc). I would like to include some basic information about these activities as well as address the concerns that non geek adults may have about them.

In addition to that I would like to have at least one way that you can use something that is happening in the geek world as a jumping off point for spiritual discussions (In this test issue I talk about some of the issues raised in both WoW and Watchmen)

Below you will find the link for our test episode. We still have a long way to go to get the balance just right, and we desperately needed notes to keep me from just rambling. I also found that I tend to just let my sentences just fade out so there was a whole lot of repair work I needed to do in post. If you listen closely I even blow the name of the show in the opening. But as a test run I think it is an interesting proof of concept. Wookie and I were able to come up with a whole episode of stuff without even trying so with a little planning things might even get better.

What I would love from you guys are some Geek culture questions. What sort of things would you like explained. What is the “hot” topic that you hear your students talking about that you would like some more information about. If you have any questions you can post them as a comment.

Also, if you like the podcast or have any constructive criticism why not drop us an email.

God Geeks Test Episode (16 MB)

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