God Geeks Take 2

If you didn’t check out our first God Geeks (and even if you did) you will want to check this one out. My co-host picked up a new 17in Macbook and so we recorded it directly into Garage Band and then he did the editing this afternoon.

This episode we look at Free Comic Book Day coming on Saturday and the big movie release of the weekend Wolverine. We also take a look at what’s coming up in World of Warcraft and offer you some devotional thoughts ideas that use some “geek” elements.

At one point I mention looking up Christian movie reviews before you carry youth to see a film. One of my favorite is Plugged-In Online. It gives lots of information, but it sometimes gives too much of the plot away for my tastes so be warned that there may be many spoilers.

Running time for this episode is 12 and a half minutes or so. I would also like to point out that the editing is much better on this one. Chris did a great job.

God Geeks Episode 2

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