God Girls Update

I am putting off actually working on this lesson to write about the lesson so I probably am not the greatest youth minister in the world, but I have really been into this idea lately and wanted to give an update. Over the course of 4 days I have started and finished Captivating and it really helped me to shape my “God Girl” lessons. I love the idea that women are the crescendo of God’s creation and have so much more to offer than just their service. I am also blown away by the idea that Girls are a reflection of God, and that there is a part of the image of God that we can’t see in the heart of a man, but which is present in the heart of women. (the desire to be pursued and though of as beautiful, the deep longing for relationships, the desire to join with us in a life of adventure, and of course just in their beauty) Over this week my eyes have been opened to how Girls point us to God in a way that guys don’t. It has been a help in my understanding of women, but also in my worship of God.

But I wanted to write just to give you an outline of the God Girls lessons so you can play along at home. We start tomorrow night with the introduction and the first lesson.

Week One: Women–The Crescendo of God’s Creation.

Week Two: Exploring the mysteries of a woman’s heart (or how a woman reflects the heart of God)

Week Three: Being on Mission–Joining in on the adventure

Week Four: What’s all this being subservient stuff?

Week Five: Breaking free to live as a Girl of God

There is the basic outline. I may end up scrapping the week 4 one because if everything stays on track that will be the week that Meredith has our baby so I may be a little bit preoccupied.

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