God Hates Nerds?

I feel like every few weeks I need to denounce the people at Westboro Baptist Church. Their vision of God, the Bible, and Christianity is so flawed that it almost seems like a joke. When I saw the “God Hates Nerds” picture floating around the web today I was sure it was something made up. There is no way that these hate filled people would decide to picket Comic Con right?

But apparently I was wrong. On their upcoming picket schedule you will see on July 22 that they plan to picket Comic Con because all of the people there have made comic book characters into idols. They are also planning to picket Al Gore in San Diego that day too, so I don’t know which event came first and which one was “hey, while we are here.” If you have a minute check out their picket schedule. It seems like it must be fake. It is what someone would write if they were trying to sound like the stereotype.

My heart breaks for these people, and also for the people who feel that they represent Christians. At least now they are going so far off the deep end that most people understand that they are far from followers of Christ.

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