God is Good

Tonight was one of those rare youth ministry times when things just seem to work out. It was like when the clouds break and you can actually see the rays of sunshine. OK, maybe I am getting a little flowery, but it was a cool night.

You see there is this guy who I have known for a while now. I met him at an in town event and put him on our mailing list. 3 years have gone by with me mailing him letter, and seeing him at school, but he has never been to Calvary. As far as I know he hasn’t been to church anywhere in that time. So finally he shows up at church tonight.

Tonight was a good night for him to be there because we were talking about acceptance and about how since God accepts us we can accept others. I had geared the whole thing as an evangelistic lesson because I have a crowd of people who are regular attenders, but who aren’t Christians and I would have a real old fashioned invitation.

So at the end of the talk I start the invitation and I stand there for a while looking at everyone and thinking I may have misjudged the situation and suddenly this guy comes walking down the isle and tells me he wants to give his life to God. It was remarkable. So we walk out in the hall and do some counseling and I don’t think he knows all that he is getting into just yet, but he became a Christian tonight. Those of you who don’t work with teenagers may not realize what a rare gift that really is for us workers. It was really cool.

I have been having a hard time recently and this really opened my eyes. I could write for a year about my life this week and how God has been teaching me that I am small and he is big and how I have been trying to let him have control and then cool stuff like this happens, but I have to head to bed. I am going to the Catalyst conference in the morning so I will write more on Saturday

2 thoughts on “God is Good

  • October 5, 2005 at 11:32 PM

    It is great to see God at work. Not only in the life of the youth, but in your life. You have a huge responsibility before God to help these young people meet God. May he continue to make you small and use you with a great anointing. Jacob

  • October 6, 2005 at 7:46 PM

    hello! i’am from the isalnd of Hawaii and, well i read this mail and was blessed by a very touching praise report. You are right God is GoodHe is a mighty mighty Good God. Amen.I am a youth myself and i just want to share a little bit of how i feel having other people other then my parents being there for us and helping us. It makes me feel good because they not only come down to our level but also to understand where we stand in life.it makes a big difference to know that you’ve got the support of others. especially when go out and evangelize the word of God through dances and songs we know and are blessed with people that are there to help us in life.


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