God, You are God

Download 02_god_you_are_god.mp3

I want to warn you from the beginning that the mix on this song is terrible. My voice is way too loud and the guitars are way too quiet. With that being said I still wanted to throw this out there because I think this is way too cool.

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about a song I wrote at Six Flags. It is a little song called God, You are God. Well this week for our Wednesday night lesson a couple of guitar players were out so we were scrounging for songs. I thought it would be fun to play this one, and it sounded so cool I had to record it. Scott Trumbull on drums caught the spirit of the song perfectly and really added to the song. This is the first one of "my" songs that I have played with the full band, and it really made me think of it as a real song.

Anyway, like I said, it is still rought, but if you would like to add this song to your worship let me know and I will try to post the word and chords

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