God’s Answers to Prayers

This week we have been studying Moses and his journey with God. On Tuesday we were talking about how the Israelites were crying out for God to deliver them and how Moses was the answer to that prayer. What struck me as amazing is that God answered their prayer with Moses in the basket. That was when God moved on their behalf. The people wouldn’t see it for another 80 years, but God set in place their deliverance way back on the banks of the Nile.

So I wondered how many people are praying for someone anyone to come and help them, hold them, love them, tell that about God and his life changing grace for their lives. And I wonder if God hasn’t already answered their prayers with events that he has set in place in my life so that I can be the answer to prayer that they are searching for.

I told my students that there are people who started the places that we were hanging out in. There were grandparents who were praying for children, there were people lonely and alone who were crying out to God asking him to come and make a difference. Then I said, what if many years ago when our church started going to M-Fuge was when God answered their prayer. The person would never realize it, but what if God had planned all alone the long series of events that would lead one of us to simply place our hand on someone’s shoulder and tell them about God’s love.

When you think about it that way. When you think of your life as an answer to someone’s prayer, how can you resist getting up and going.

2 thoughts on “God’s Answers to Prayers

  • June 8, 2009 at 2:56 AM

    God is AWESOME! Your thought about our lives being the answer to someone’s prayer – I can’t resist going out and being part of God’s plan! Thanks for the thought!


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