God’s Passion for the Nations

I finally came up with something new and creative to add to Nailscars.com. At our writers’ conference last week  I had an idea for a dramatic reading that would go with another person’s unit. I filed it away to be written later after I had finished all of my own assignment. Ever since I have gotten back the only thing I have wanted to write has been that sketch.

So today I sat down to write it, just as a way of sort of clearing my mind. 

So go and check out God’s Passion for the Nations in the Dramatic Readings Section. It is a collection of verses that speak about God’s heart for all nations. It is amazing when you look at all of the places where God lays out his desire that all of the world know him and praise him. God’s missionary heart is evident all throughout the Bible. I just wanted to put it together in a dramatic reading.  

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