God’s Plan of Grace

A few weeks ago our church started a men’s prayer meeting on Monday nights. It meets at 7:00 which is about the worst time for me to get out of the house. With two boys now needing baths and bed times it makes it hard for Meredith to do that without me. So I haven’t been able to get there for prayer yet.

Well tonight for all of the wrong reasons I made it a point to go. I figured it looked bad for a pastor of the church to not at least make an effort so I went even though reluctant duty is never a good reason for doing anything.

But even through my attitude God showed up and spoke to my heart. Through the honesty of other men and their heart to pray for our church and each other God poured out his grace on me. I received a special gift because of the prayers of other men tonight and I am grateful for it.

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