God’s Story

We are up to the Flood in our trip through the Bible as a story. If you haven’t been following along be sure to check out www.echothestory.com for the stories we are using.

This week I was battling a cold and didn’t have a whole lot of focus, but the students still seemed to really dig into the story. Of course the story of Noah is one that they have heard often, but there were still some new parts that they discovered. But the really fascinating part is since we are going through the Bible from the beginning I am getting lots of questions about the origin of things such as the origins of God. (People trapped by time have a hard time wrestling with the concept of God as always existing) The origins of evil (why did God give us the tree in the garden and why didn’t God banish the serpent before he tempted eve. Why didn’t God just kill Satan when he first rebelled, etc).

Now very few of these questions had much to do with Noah, but you can see students really wrestling with real issues of the faith. It has been fun to lead them as they search for answers that lead to more questions. Of course that is the great truth about God, the more you learn the more you have questions. When you can find the joy in that search you can spend a lifetime learning new things about Him, and as your understanding expands so does your worship.

Next week we are going to take a little detour from the Echo the Story stories and talk a bit about Job. It is sort of outside of this redemption arch that I am telling, but I really like what it teaches us about God and about things that are going on beyond what we can see. Hopefully students will continue to be engaged.

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