Good Days

This past week has been a series of good days for me. It started last week with a student calling me to tell me she had read something in her personal Bible study that reminded her of the lesson. It continued through seeing my new nephew and through good days with my son. It has been a week where I have wanted to work and as a result have gotten a few things accomplished and that always makes me breathe a little easier. Tonight just continued that trend.

It was one of those gift from God type nights tonight. The lesson went well, but students seemed to respond well and take what I was saying to heart. Then afterwards when we were all sitting down at the local coffee shop I heard a couple of them talking about spiritual stuff. They asked me to join in from time to time, but mostly they just carried the conversation sharing with one of the guys about some of his questions about God. It was a very cool moment, and it has been a very cool series of days.

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