Good Friday Idea (Cut Off)

I wanted to brainstorm a few new Good Friday ideas in the run up to Easter this year. There are a couple of reasons, one of the biggest ones is that Good Friday is probably the most searched term that leads people to, but also because Good Friday is a perfect moment to introduce creative elements into your worship gatherings.

This idea is still in its infancy, but I trust that there are some creative people who can turn it into something amazing.


When we talk about Jesus and the cross we tend to talk about the whips and the pain and the nails and shame and all of the physical side of the crucifixion. What I think we focus on too rarely is the spiritual side of the cross. The fact that for the first time Jesus is separate from the Father.

That is the cruelty of the cross, that Jesus, the perfect one chooses not to just to die, but to take on the sins of the world and in that moment to no longer have a relationship with God the father. It is an agonizing isolating moment.

As we remember Good Friday and the sacrifice that Jesus made let us think about the times when we have been isolated and alone. Move together into groups of 3 or 4 and share a story when you were cut off from the rest of the world. Maybe it is a story about when your car broke down and your phone battery died or maybe it is a story of your childhood when you got lost while walking with your parents. Tell briefly of your story and describe what it felt to realize you were isolated.

Give participants time to do this.

Now think about that feeling and magnify it be 100 and you get this separation that Jesus is feeling from God. It is this utter alone-ness. In that pain Jesus cries out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me!” Jesus suffered that isolation for us.

Now think about what happened when you were no longer alone, no longer separated. Think about how it felt when you saw the familiar path or found your mother’s hand again Think about the relief and the joy and multiply it by 1000 and that is what finding a relationship with God is like.

Jesus Christ suffered on the cross and was separated from the Father so that we who were separated from God because of our sin could find our way home.

Pray and thank Jesus for the sacrifice of the cross.

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