Good Things in the Midst of Bad

At the end of this really long day something good happened. I wanted to put this in its own post because I wanted to be sure that you read it. (I know many people didn’t read to the end of my diatribe)

I was sitting on the couch with Meredith tonight and my phone rings. It is a girl from the high school who is involved in Wicca. She has a major problem with Christianity and church. But for some reason she likes me, and we have some really great conversations about life and faith. I am probably more direct with her about what I believe than with anyone else and she respects me because I respect her.

Anyway, she calls me because she went to another church in town tonight and the speaker said that Buddha was the devil. Or at least that is what she said he said. When she gave me the context I was pretty sure that dude meant what he said, and I could see his point. What he didn’t know was that this girl’s brother is a Buddhist and she considers it to be what really helped him in his life. She also has a big problem with anyone talking about anyone else’s religion.

So she was livid to say the least. She couldn’t believe that people would be stupid enough to say such things. I felt bad for the speaker guy, because while I don’t know him, I do know that he isn’t working with teenagers for the money. He is doing it because he believes that God will make their lives better. So he is up on stage trying to reach them and he says something that seemed harmless and turned this girl off to everything else he had to say.

There is a lesson in there for youth pastors.

But for me the cool part of tonight was that she called me to ask me about it. This is the first time she has ever called me, but she wanted to know what I thought about the whole situation. It was cool because once again I got to share with her my view on God and how I believe that God’s way is the best way to live. I was able to say again that God has transformed my life. (Like I said, I talk more openly to her about God than anyone else I know) 

But at the end of this very long day it was like God was giving me a gift in her phone call. I would love it if my church was full of people like her. Now I can’t wait to see what happens as God continues to work in her life.  

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