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Alright, first off if you aren’t using FIREFOX then stop right now and go download it. Trust me. I am not one of those anti-Microsoft people. In fact I love Microsoft and own their entire office suite. But when it comes to web browsing IE just doesn’t handle all that FIREFOX can do.

Alright, once you have downloaded FIREFOX then go Tools > Extensions and then get the following extensions, these are the ones that I have found that work well.

  • IE Tab (Lets you open up an IE window in Firefox for pages that don’t load right
  • Tab Mix Plus (makes the tabbed browsing in Firefox work a little better. I like to set it so that new windows come up in tabs and not in a new window)
  • Tab X (puts a close X on each tab, just a little extra useful thing)
  • Customize Google (now this is the one you need. It has a whole host of things that you can do to make google searches better.)
  • Google Preview (puts a little window beside your google seach items that previews the web site (sort of like that "" thing))

Alright once you have done those cool things (and set up the cool little favorites bar with above your tabs) you can then go and check out google notebook. I’m not a huge google fan. I don’t like their desktop thing, or really anything other than search or mail, but I like this notebook thing. It gives you a place to take notes and such while browsing. If you are doing research it is a great way to keep track of your searches (it places a "note this" under each search item) and it gives you an extra choice in your right click menu that allows you to automatically make a note of selected text. It just seems like something that would work well if you are running around the next getting info.

Then the really cool thing is that you can make it public so that other people can see it. It seems like a cool way to collaborate. Anyway, not really creative ministry related, but I spend a whole lot of time pulling things off websites and I imagine some of you do to so I thought I would share what I have found.  

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