Great Day – Sad Day

I was all set to write about how today was the greatest day of the year. Accountants celebrate April 16 and youth pastors celebrate the day that students go back to school. It is as if the whole world seems a little brighter.

But today wasn’t a good day. A young lady heading to the first day of her senior year was killed in a car wreck this morning. I am sitting here trying to make sense of that. There are honestly times when I am tired of being God’s apologist. There are times when I am sick of trying to make sense of the world.

I know all of the right things to say. I know all of the small words and correct theology. I have spent my whole life saying them or hearing them. But all of those things don’t make it easier to take. Knowing that we live in a broken world that is dominated by sin doesn’t make it any less confusing. Knowing that even though it looks like He was off on a break somewhere God is still in control doesn’t make students (or me for that matter) any less confused by His apparent lack of action. Understanding that God sees a bigger picture than we do doesn’t help me to see past this messed up picture that I am looking at right now.

Death of a teenager is pointless. The world that we live in sucks. Praise God that this world is not our home. Praise God that this is not all that there is. Praise God that sin is already defeated and that one day we won’t have to live this way anymore.

Lord, give me the strength to use every moment that I have. Give me the strength to reach out to everyone that you have given me the privilege to reach out to. Lord, let me be a part of your grace and mercy in this world. Let me be a part of your healing. Lord, use me to make this world suck a little less.  

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