Growth Part One

I love my son. Actually Meredith would say that I am in love with him. Even now when I am supposed to be working I can smell him on my clothes and I can’t stop thinking about him. I love everything about him just the way that he is…But…

I don’t want him to stay just the way that he is. I want to see him grow and mature and learn new things. (This is just a side note, it is amazing how many new things he can do at just 11 days old. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but it is really cool) I love feeding him and doing pretty much everything that he needs for him, but I don’t want him to stay this way. I want him to learn to do things on his own and grow to be a person who can make his own choices and who can find his own way.

So why is it with God we think that it is a good thing to be spiritually dependant on God. Why is it that we have turned spiritual infancy into a virtue.

Let me explain. I think that sometimes God wants us to do something and not wait on him to do it. We think it is more holy to pray, “God come in here and work” but the more time I spend with Nathan the more I think that God may be saying, “I have walked with you for all of these years and helped you to grow to be who you are today. Now it is your time to work. Now it is your time to use how I have gifted you to make a difference.”

As much as I think that we can’t do anything without the strength of God, and I really think that without his presence in our lives we are sunk. I am starting to think that sometimes God wants us to be able to handle things “on our own.” Of course this “on our own” is like when I wait to see if Nathan can find his own fingers to suck on before I put the pacifier back in his mouth. It isn’t like God leaves us, it is more like God lets us use what he has given us to make a difference.

Why is this important? Because I have seen Christians frozen in place and waiting for a sign from God of plaque-like proportions before they will start moving. I have seen Christians looking for “God’s Will” in minute details trying to find out what is the exact will of God for their lunch plans. I think that God sometimes wants us to be beyond spiritual babes and walk with Him not as someone who has to have every little thing decided and done for them, but as people who have been trained and who can respond with that training.

(This ends part one of the growth idea. Part two comes tomorrow.) 

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