Growth Part Two

I am really concerned about my son’s growth. He lost a big chuck of weight when he was first born so we had to use some formula to supplement the nursing. He is healthy and loving life now, but I still feel like I want to weigh him everyday. (I actually asked the lady at the post office if I could put him on her scale. Thankfully she said no) I am concerned about how much he grows because growth is a sign of health, and as cute as he is when he is small, I want him to grow-up. I don’t want him to stay a baby.

So why is it that I know, and everyone else knows that babies are supposed to grow and change, but when it comes to our spiritual lives we aren’t that concerned about lack of growth. Our churches are full of Christians who are still spiritual babies and yet we aren’t that concerned about it. Or well, we talk like we are concerned, but we don’t seem to know how to make things different.

I’m not really offering a solution here, it is just something that I have noticed watching Nathan. I wonder when was the last time you looked at your own life? Are you still the same as you were last year? Have you stopped growing? Are you still on milk and needing to be fed by others or have you learned to feed yourself with God’s word? Are you still a spiritual babe or have you learned to walk upright with God? Just asking.  

2 thoughts on “Growth Part Two

  • May 28, 2006 at 5:38 AM

    It is very normal for a baby to lose weight the first couple of weeks. Trust me don’t worry about him being a baby, the problem is when they are 2-3 and act like a baby. Enjoy the baby age. In just a little while he will not let you hold him or cuddle with him. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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