Guided Journaling Prayer

This journaling prayer experiences is longer than what I would normally use in a church setting. To do this right you will need about 10 minutes just for this activity. It would work well in a retreat setting. If students already have journals that they are using for other reasons this would work well as an entry to that journal.

Set up: Pass out pens and paper to each worshiper. If you like you can print the questions on the paper already, but simply talking about them or placing them on the screen should be sufficient. 

The Prayer Experience:

Ask worshipers to complete the sentences below. Say: Right now we are going to spend some time journaling about how you see yourself, who you want to be, and who you really are. To start with take the next 5 minutes and journal your thoughts as you complete this sentence.  

I am…

God knows who you are, he made you, created you, he knows you better even than you know yourself, but this is a week for being honest and open and we need to start with you being honest with how you see yourself. Describe yourself to God. Don’t hold anything back or dress it up. No one will see this but you so there is no need to play any games just be honest and tell God who you are.

Give worshipers ample time to write. Then continue by introducing the next question. 

Say: As you looked at yourself some of you may not have liked what you saw. Spend some time now completing this sentence: 

God when you look at me I think you see…

Remember that the Bible says that if you are a Christian you are a child of God. You have been chosen by God. He loves you and cares about you. Use that knowledge as you write about how God sees you.

Again give ample time to write

Say: We are going to close our time with one more question. As we take time to stop and examine our lives you may have found some things that you want to change. Use this time now to complete the following sentence:

God help me to…

Don’t try to perform for God. Be honest about the changes that you need in your life and humbly ask God to help you as you move forward. 

After we give them plenty of time to do that we add a third one.

God when you look at me, I think you see…

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