Happy Holidays

I hope you guys had a great Christmas and are getting ready for an
even better New Year. I have to brag a little right now. For the first
time ever I have actually kept a New Year’s resolution all year long.
Last year I decided to give up regular soda in favor of juice, water,
and diet drinks. I can’t believe it, but I have actually come all the
way around to the New Year again and I am still going strong. Maybe
this year I will decide to end world hunger and see if I can do as well
with that.

As you are grabbing out ideas for New Year’s lessons be sure to check out “Seed Worship” in the worship outline
section. There is a rough worship outline as well as some ideas for
prayer stations. I am using the plant object lesson tonight in “big
church” prayer meeting.

Real quick I want to give a Christmas present report.

  • Sports Night: the complete series; One of the greatest shows ever!
  • Magnetix: the all silver ones
  • Line Chasers; this is actually a really cool toy car that follows a drawn line. I have a lesson about it that I will post soon.
  • Best Buy Gift Card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Clothes
  • Gloves
  • A Rubermaid Box; I just love storage boxes
  • A really cool plush yellow M&M dressed as Darth Vader (I will stick up a picture soon)
  • some of the small M&M’s dressed as Star Wars characters
  • Applebees Gift Card
  • A really cool bread dipping kit (spices for olive oil)
  • a collection of Hickory Farms sauces (I love horseradish)
  • A big inflatable thing that you attach to a water hose that sprays water everywhere
  • The sequel to Shoo Fly Pie
  • Low top black chuck taylor’s; what I call rocker shoes because it seems that every band person I see has chucks on.

Man, when you make a list like that I see that I got a ton a stuff. It
is cool that when you ask for toys and cheep stuff you get more. Next
year: Matchbox cars.

One thought on “Happy Holidays

  • December 29, 2005 at 1:10 AM

    I don’t know if you read my blog or not ( you’ve commented in the past ), but I thought I’d let you know that I’ve moved from the blogger site to typepad at http://www.firecracker8489.blogs.com

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and may God bless you in the new year!



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