Hard Days Night

Tonight was one of those nights when things just didn’t quite gel. It felt off, and I can’t really explain why. Part of it was because we were blowing fuses and I was worried about that for most of the night. Part of it was because we were in the beginning of a series and introductions are always a little flat. Part of it was because I choked on the guitar during the singing time. Part of it was that no one really warmed up to the Beatles song we were playing.

Yes, you heard it right we were playing the Beatles. Our new study is called Revolution and I am using old rock songs as spring boards for our discussion. So the band learned the song Revolution to play. I have planned to play it every week, but the lack luster response leaves me questioning that idea. Maybe it will be better next week.

But no matter what the reason, tonight was just flat. It wasn’t terrible and it wasn’t great. It just was. I guess you are going to have weeks like that sometimes. Actually it is cool because it has been a while since i have had that type of week. So I’m not really complaining. Just telling like it is. 

One thought on “Hard Days Night

  • October 9, 2006 at 7:21 PM

    Did other people confirm it was felt flat to them too? Last Sunday we did a different kind of arrangement of songs we knew. And I thought, eh. But other folks said it landed great.


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