Hard Drive Crawl

This week we have a one off sort of break between series. We just finished our Gross, Weird, True thing and next week the 6th graders will be moving up into the group so we are doing our annual welcome party and explanation of the Catalyst name and our goals and such. After that we will be jumping into our summer theme.

But this week we had a hole to fill, so I went and looked back through some of older stuff searching for inspiration. I have been doing this youth ministry thing for about 13 years now (11 of them at this same church). That means that I have 4 years of stuff before even my seniors were in the youth group. As I was looking I was inspired. Sometimes I had to look a couple of times because I was sure that I didn’t write what I was seeing, and sometimes I would get a little later and see a note I had written to remind me that I actually got it from a book and hadn’t written it.

Anyway, so going back through my folders and folders of stuff I realized how safe I have been in worship lately. My group shifted two years ago into a very guy centered group of people so I sort of shifted what I was trying to do too. But now I see that I miss the worship that goes beyond just singing. So I plan on incorporating some of that this week. I will let you know how it goes.

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