HD Video Camera

I took some freelance money and picked up a new Canon HV20 HDV camcorder. It is still in the the consumer range of things, but on the higher end. This has been my first time working with HD footage so there is lots of new stuff to learn. I am wrestling with the new codex right now trying to figure out how to make the rendered files look best.

The biggest thing that I am dealing with is computing power. With normal DV footage I can render a video at about a 1 to 1.5 rate. In other words for every 1 minute of final video it takes about a minute and a half to render. With HD I am finding that it takes somewhere around 10 minutes to render the same minute of video. When I first started video editing I would set things to render and then go to bed. Looks like I am back there again.

But all in all I am pretty happy with my little camera. Nathan and I had an adventure today with a turtle and I was able to catch it on tape. Now I have a whole bunch of silly youth movies I want to get to work on.

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