He is amazing

Have you ever noticed how amazing God is? And I don’t really mean in those big grand created the whole earth sort of ways, but in the softer more subtle ways. Here is the deal with me.

I got some troubling news about drugs and their prevalence in the schools here in Eufaula. I knew they were around, but not to the degree that I found out this week. So at my usual lunch time discussion with teens outside of my group I asked people if they thought the number was accurate. I was startled by the number of people who said it probably was and the type of people that I would never imagine being around drugs who claimed that there was no where to go in our town with there being coke and other stuff there.

I have to admit I was floored. I was stunned for 2 reasons, one is because I really hurt for these kids and my heart was breaking that they were doing this stuff and living in this sort of a place and two because not one of the people I talked with said anything at all about the Calvary Youth being any different. I felt like a failure. If I was doing my job I felt like there should be a group of people that are standing above all of that who other teens can look to and say, “Those guys aren’t involved.” But there wasn’t anything like that and the more I looked at it there was a group of my guys who were involved in the same scene. They may not be druggies, but all of them hang out with people who are. I felt like such a failure.

So I felt bad today and actually had a good lesson tonight where we aired out a lot of that stuff, but that isn’t where I saw God be amazing. It started in worship where the words of the songs spoke so clearly to me. God said “wherever you are, wherever you’ve been I’ve been there,” directly to my heart and I couldn’t get away from it and all of the things that came afterward were a direct reflection of God speaking to my heart.

Then when I got home I had an email from the Group editor and hearing from those guys always makes me smile and 3 more emails from people praising the blog or using some skits. It really was a small touch of validation that I needed to remind me that God does use me to do good things.

So there it is again. It seems like I can go for a while trying to figure out what God is doing and where he is and then in those small things he speaks to my heart and reminds me that he loves me and is still in control. He is amazing.

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