I don’t talk about hell all that much on Wednesday nights. It isn’t that I totally avoid the subject, but at the same time I try to make our time more about how great following God is (you know the whole eternal life starts now stuff) as opposed to what is going to happen when you die.

It never fails on the nights that I am going to talk about hell, though I will have visitors. Maybe I am supposed to talk more about it than I do. Who knows.

Tonight I talked about Sanctification, Justification, and Glorification. In a group like ours where you have maybe 20 percent of the students who are non-Christian I feel like it is important to remind them that they actually do have to make a choice for God. We have lots of students who come and who love church and who love to be a part of what we do, but who have yet to ask Jesus to be their Lord. So I find myself trying to remind them once again of the need to choose God.

All in all it was a pretty fun lesson. I picked up this video called Good-O-Meter from Worship House Media. You can preview it on their site. It does a good job of taking the traditional "when you stand at the judgement seat" idea and put a happy spin on it with some good theology to boot.

Of course when Jesus comes out for some reason one of the guys in our group decides to just keep laughing at it the whole time an sort of ruined the point. Of course that is what happens in youth ministry.  

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