Help anyone?

I am working through my "add to Nailscars" folder slowly, but there are a couple of new things up today. I was going to promise to organize this site better, but I know me and seriously doubt it will happen anytime soon. One of the big things that I should do is simply categorize everything so that you can search for entries using categories. But that would require more time than I have to invest right now.

So I was wondering if anyone would like to take on the job (for free of course). If you are interested I will set up up with an administrator account and you can go through and simply look at the entry and then place it into the category that you think is most appropriate. If you are interested send me an email.

Also, it was renewal time for the domain name. So the website costs lots more than usual this month. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to leave a donation this would probably be it. Just use the link in the sidebar.

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