His Cheeseburger Christians

There is an old VeggiTales song that starts out by saying, “And not it’s time for Love Songs with Mr. Lunt” and then proceeds to sing about the deep love that Mr. Lunt has for “His Cheeseburger.” It is silly fun and not really trying to make any deep philosophical points, but I have always had a problem with the song. The thing is it is a really terrible love song. It is a funny, fun song that makes you smile, but it is the exact opposite of a love song.  

Let me explain, and hopefully you will see why it matters. You see in the first verse we discover that the cheeseburger of his desire is out of reach to him because the restaurant is closed. At this point the hero of our song professes his undying love for said cheeseburger and promises to wait for it. The second verse opens with the burger lover sleeping in his car while waiting for the restaurant to open. It seems like such a lovely moment. But then everything falls apart. Hungry, sore and tired from sleeping in his car all night our hero spots a billboard for Deny’s which presents an offer he cannot refuse. He leaves to go eat breakfast still professing his love for his cheeseburger, still promising to come back and eat there later, but instead of waiting he goes off and chases after other loves.  

You see this is not a love song. It is a tragedy.  

So why am I writing about this on my blog?  

In Matthew 13:22 Jesus explains his parable of the sower and says that there are seeds that fall among thorns and while there is a plant that grows there “the worries of this age and the seduction of wealth” stunt the seeds growth.  

I wonder how many of us are living like the man that Mr. Lunt sings about. We say that we love God. We say that He is the most important thing to us. We say that we will always follow Him and always be true, but when some different shiny offer comes along, we choose to indulge. Sure, we promise that we will be back always for God. He is most important to us, we say, but with our actions we chase after lesser things. We let the worries of the world and the seductions of stuff around us keep us from being able to continue to seek after God.  

One of the things I try to teach my children and the youth at my church is the importance of an examined life. If you are just going through the motions you will end up like this burger lover, claiming that you love God while you are indulging yourself in other places. The problem is that while it is no big deal to eat a grand slam breakfast instead of a burger following after things that aren’t of God is live and death.  

So, if you are claiming that you love God. If you are singing worship songs and professing your love for him, examine your heart, look at your life and makes sure that your love is more than just words. God must be our priority not just in words, but in our deeds as well. He is worth waiting for.  

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