If you are a regular reader of this blog you may know that I have struggled with how to address homosexuality as a youth pastor for a while now. It is something that I believe the Bible calls a sin, and as such is something that we should avoid, but it has become such a hot button issue that there is no good way of approaching the subject. For so many people when you talk about how they should stop acting on their homosexual impulses you aren’t talking about fleeing from sin, you are talking about asking them to rip out a huge part of their heart and leave it behind. So all the talk about discipleship and the cost of following Jesus is more than just talk it is life or death, and it becomes a very heated debate.

Recently Jennifer Knapp (one of the greatest singer-song writers of the modern Christian music movement) came out and was open about her same-sex relationship. Relevant Magazine did a follow up interview with her after she released this information. The article is a decent read, but what is worth your time is the 20 pages of comments that follow. Sure there are a few crazy people on both sides of the issue, but what I found in the past 45 minutes of my life that I spent there was a group of Christians who were hurting and another group of Christians who are trying to hold to the truth of God but to do it in a loving and accepting way. It is a great debate full of insight from both sides of the issue. There are some things there that are true, and others that are not so put your discernment cap on and go take a look.

One thought on “Homosexuality

  • May 6, 2010 at 3:20 AM

    SO SO SO true.

    I had a student ask me in a LARGE group if I thought homosexuality was a sin. I knew that a teenager who – at least – had been experimenting or contemplating that he may be gay. Tough time for me.

    Also, the pastor’s daughter was sitting there.

    I, like you, find homosexuality to fall under the "things-God-didn’t-intend-for-humanity" category. But I also place mcdonald’s fries and being a millionare in the same category. (that is my current understanding, i reserve the right to change…).

    But it was really tough. I first defined what I think it means to be a "sinner" and how it is a "status" rather than a single action. I then talked about how I understood the issue of homosexuality. I then spent a LARGE amount of time explaining how I think most all churches do an incredibly horrible job wrestling with the issue of homosexuality in a way that doesn’t alienate gays.

    wow. it’s almost intense trying to explain what I was explaining.


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