I am pretty sure that I didn’t coin the phrase Hotseating, but the more I look at it the more I think that I may have messed the term up and it may actually be something else. But my own insecurities aside I am going to just run with it. I got a chance to spend 3 night playing Ninja Gaiden II with my brother-in-law this weekend. For me “hotseating” is one of the best ways to play a game. Basically what you do is take a 1 person game and play until you finish a level, you die, or you just get frustrated, and then you pass the control off to your partner.

Back before the world went online to play with someone in a game meant that they had to be in the house with you. So through my college years (those great years when you have a live-in gaming partner) I hotseated many games (although we never used the term). I can remember playing through Kings Field (I think that was the name) Mario, Sonic, Nighttrap, Sewer Shark, and countless other games in this same way. So playing this weekend really took me back.

(here is where I put on my old man hat)

When it comes to video games I really miss the days when playing a game with someone meant that they were sitting with you in the room. I enjoy online games, but not nearly as much as someone sitting on the couch with me. I have just never gotten used to the whole mic thing I guess. Now I know people who want to play games together and instead of all going to someone’s house they will all go home and get on their own system. 

For me there really haven’t ever been many games that I just played by myself. I always liked the social aspect of it. Now that I am older and don’t have much free time a game has to be pretty spectacular to get me to spend more than 30 minutes a week with it (Crackdown was this kind of game for me). That is of course unless I am playing with someone. The social aspect of the game will hook me for hours.

Nothing really facinating just an old guy remember.  

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