I am a Basketball God!

Alright, not even close, but I wish I was. I have to admit having people cheer for you is a very heady experience. I think I am going to try to implement that into my professional life. I would love to make a really good point and have everyone start cheering. It would be awesome. Anyway, in case you can’t tell by my different mood we won tonight. I have to admit I like that better than loosing. I haven’t played hard, pushing each other around, basketball against other men…well…ever, and I have to admit it makes me tired. Playing most of the game didn’t help that much either.

Anyway, here is what I learned. After last week I resolved to quit fighting for the ball and just help my team in what I could help them with. I made an effort to just get rebounds and play defense. I knew that my guys were going to take shots and probably not throw it to me much so I saw that my role would be cleaning up their misses and putting them back in. Here is the remarkable thing. It worked. I played hard on the boards and even harder on defense (I can’t seem to play a game without putting at least one person on the floor. Tonight I had one intentional knock down and one unintentional that I thought had seriously killed this guy.)

Since I resolved just to do what I could do I was able to get rebounds and put them back in for shots. At the same time my teammates saw that I was making shots so they started passing me the ball. At least until I got too tired to fight for position anymore, but that is a whole different story.

So here is what I learned. If I will do what I know needs to be done, and not worry so much about being the star, just do the hard work that I am good at the rest will come. The problem in my ministry is much of the time I have to be the star. What I need to do is find the places where I can do the hard work and let the other people–those people who aren’t getting paid to do this and are just serving because they love God–get some the glory. That is my goal. That is my mission. To clean up the boards for my helpers, to cover for them when they miss sometimes and feed them the ball again. The cool thing is when they have someone helping like that they are more willing to take chances because they know they have someone backing them up.

So the question is…how do I do that? 

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  • March 7, 2006 at 9:02 PM

    Speaking as one who was involved in abusive relationships, I can tell you that unless the girl sees herself as valued through God’s eyes, she will continue to seek relationships that validate the way she feels (ugly, not worthy, not good). So how do you get her to see her value? First do not give up on being her friend. Let her know that no matter what choices she makes, healthy or unhealthy, you will continue to love her, and that God will continue to love her. Pray, pray, pray for her. In my situation, I was molested as a child, but never told anyone.So, I did not see myself as having any value. By God’s grace and love, and through the community of Christian friends, I was able to recvieve the healing power of God’s love.So surround her with love and prayer. Focus on God’s redeeming love for her and not on the abusive relationship. And finally, pray for the guy who is the abuser that he may also recieve the power of God’s love and grace. Hope this helps.


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