I am a Teacher

I am a teacher. I have known this for a long time, but sometimes I forget. In a world of meetings and planning and organizing and seeing the big picture it is easy to get bogged down, but at my core I am a teacher. It is what I have been gifted to do.

I really do teach at everything. I like learning new things just so that I can teach others. I like finding new places so I can tell you how to get there. I like figuring out how to do something so that I can help someone else figure out how to do it. And of course I love looking through the word of God and finding new ways to teach timeless truths. It is just how I am wired.

As I get ready for a new ministry opportunity (read new job) next week I am full of little administrative things that need to get done. There are names to learn, events to plan, teams to organize, budgets to figure out, and that isn’t even mentioning trying to figure out what a truly family affirming ministry really looks like in practice. For a great deal of my time getting ready for this new job all of those concerns were what I have been trying to focus on. Those are the things that have been dominating my thoughts.

But I have also had the wonderful opportunity over the past 3 weeks to fill in as an interim speaker at a church about an hour from here. It has been a great opportunity to not have to focus on anything other than just the teaching. I don’t have to plan a vision or organize a meeting. I only have to go and teach (and tonight I got to play djembe, which is always fun, but that’s a different post). Tonight I was reminded again how much I am wired to teach and how much it speaks to my heart. And now I am even more excited to start some place new.

I am excited because there are new opportunities and new things to learn. I am excited to work with new people and to plan new events, but right now I am excited because I get to teach again. I get to stand in front of students and share the deep truths of God. I get to sit with students and wrestle with the questions of the faith. I get to walk along side students and teach them about living out their faith as we go through our lives together.

I am a teacher, and I can’t wait for a new opportunity to teach. My God, my great and wonderful God loves me enough to give me opportunities to do exactly what I was created to do. There isn’t much that makes me smile more.

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