I Am Small

So I have been worried for a few days about the direction of my youth group. In my prayer time I was reading Louie Giglio’s book “I Am Not, but I Know I AM” and it really hit me how small I am. The cool thing about being small is that I am not in control. The direction of my group isn’t based on my strength. I don’t have to be cooler, better, find the perfect thing to say or the exact right Bible study. I don’t have to plan a million things and cater to the whims of every teenager in Eufaula. I don’t have to be anything more than who God created me to be and at the core I am created to be dependant on Him.

There is something very liberating about being small. It means that I can rest and things won’t fall apart. It means that I can follow God’s plan and wait for God’s results. It means that I don’t have to kill myself trying to fix everything, because I’m not the one responsible for making things work.

There is something amazing about realizing I’m not the one in charge, but I work for the one who is in charge. It changes my whole perspective.

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