I am who I am

Lately I have been dreaming of some sort of different youth group. The dream has been different over the course of the months (more girls, more people, older people, more artists, people who can have a conversation that doesn’t involve video games, etc) It has been coming through in my work and in my thoughts about my group in general as frustration. I am sure if you have been reading for the past few weeks you would have seen some of the frustrated posts.

Well, yesterday I had a revelation–one of those God breaks through the clouds and angels sing and the whole nine yard type revelations. I am who I am. I started thinking about my group and who they are. I started thinking about the type of people who come and what they are interested in, and I realized that while they may not be the same people who used to come to my group, they are people who need God and who need to know that God loves them. I sort of woke up to the fact that I have at least 4 (and possibly 6) students who come every time the doors are open who aren’t Christians. I mean what a cool opportunity I have!

So I decided (after God finally hitting me over the head with the whole clouds parting thing) that I will embrace who we are. We are a D&D-Video Game-Comic Book-Manga-Superhero Movie-LOTR-Ulitmate Frisbee-loving group and instead of trying to change that I should embrace it. There are tons of teenagers in Eufaula who are exactly that sort of people and they have nowhere else to go. The cool thing is that I am uniquely gifted to be their youth pastor. I have been training my whole life for this.

Now, there are still some other people in our group who are desperately important to me. Sometimes I like to just have a conversation that doesn’t involve yelling or some supernatural power. I will always point us towards alternative forms of worship and will always stress the important roll of women in Christianity. But we are what we are, and we can actually make a real difference in the world if we will stop running from it and start running towards it.

Now I just need to design a “Gamers for Jesus” shirt for the fall! 

2 thoughts on “I am who I am

  • July 14, 2006 at 3:02 AM

    Shane, I recently heard a pastor say that ‘we are supposed to be all things to all people’, as Paul told us to, but that ‘we can’t be all things to all people AT THE SAME TIME.’ Do what you’re doing, stick with it. As you said, you’re uniquely gifted to that particular ministry. Do it all – gaming, Frisbeeing, manga-ing, LOTR-ing – all of it, to the Glory of God.


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