I Guess I’m Back

Oh well, I just can’t handle being away. Thank you all for your comments. At least I know a few of you read this thing. I don’t think I really have anything to say; I just have gotten used to journaling my day here before I go to bed and it feels weird to not be doing it.

Well we have kicked off our summer. Our theme is Love God: Love People. Yes I totally am ripping off the stuff from Student Life. I am even using some of their videos. We got shirts and everything. I love new group T-Shirts. I want to start a band just so I can order like a dozen different T-shirt designs to sell. We are getting 2 personalize shirts this summer the LGLP shirt from Church Art Works (with Calvary Student Ministry on it) and a Centrifuge shirt with our group name on it. I get the order thing with my fuge packet every year, and I haven never ordered before, in fact I have never seen any church at camp with them before so I hope we aren’t going to come off like total dorks.

I don’t know what type of space that you have to work with, but sharing space with others is no fun. This week I wanted to sing later in the gathering, but since we share the sanctuary with the adults we have to sing first. On top of that our lesson is in the fellowship hall which is great for sitting and eating, but it is florescent light hell when you want to do something that requires a little ambiance.

So I got the big idea last night that I would change things up a bit and set up the light system that I got for our new room (I actually only have 4 of the cans right now). I also moved the chairs to a new place. Since we have a large pole in the middle of the room I had to arrange the chairs with a big center clear space. It was funny watching the youth that filled up each side of the room. That center isle magnified the division between the two major cliques of our group.

But glaring lack of love for the people in their own youth group aside the lighting and different set up really helped. It amazes me how much simply turning down a couple of the lights changed the whole feel of the worship time. Once I get all of the stuff and get a light person trained I am going to have some fun. The subtle way that you can change the mood and the direction with lighting is almost limitless. Tonight they were journaling with all of the lights up. As the time for them to finish came we simply turned down the main house lights and without even saying a word the focus came back up onstage. Too cool.

There is the added bonus that with the bright lights in my eyes I couldn’t see the students so I didn’t have to look at them for an hour always a good thing (I kid! I love looking at students!)

2 thoughts on “I Guess I’m Back

  • June 3, 2005 at 12:32 AM

    I’m glad you’re sticking around… I like to hear what you have to say, Shane. Even though we’re not youth ministers, I have a bit of a heart for youth ministry and love to hear your ideas and your perspective. :)

  • June 3, 2005 at 1:30 PM

    Hooray! You just made my day!


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