I Hate Teenagers

I hate teenagers with a passion that burns deep in my soul. That actually isn’t true. I hate middle schoolers. Actually what I hate about middle schoolers is that they must have something to do at every moment or they will just get into everything.

I don’t remember much about being a middle school student, but I do think I understood that everything in the world didn’t belong to me. Maybe I didn’t, but there are a couple of guys at church (who’s mom for some reason is 30 minutes late to pick them up every week and I am stuck trying to keep them out of trouble) who just don’t understand that the stuff laying around in a church isn’t for them. I have to constantly be on the lookout or they will have gone into SS rooms and found toys or just random stuff to throw around, or they will go into the kitchen and get drinks out of the refrigerator.

I have tried for the past several weeks to get it into these guys heads that they can’t just pick up everything they see. I have tried to explain that I am not the only person who has stuff at the church and since I don’t know whose stuff most of that stuff is I can’t let them just start taking it. Well tonight, I was trying to keep them from tearing everything up when one of them asked his brother where he got the Dr. Pepper he was drinking. I assumed that he had gotten it from the machine. His brother then said that they are in the fridge and then came back out with the pack and said there wasn’t anymore so the little one grabbed a thing of ice cream and started eating that.

I have to say that I totally lost it. I don’t think I have ever wanted to kick someone out of my church as bad as I did these two guys. The lack of respect for what I had told them and for other people’s stuff was so overwhelming I didn’t know what to do. I think I freaked them out as I yelled as loud as I could, but I was about ready to cuss and yelling seemed at least a little better.

Of course they have no clue what it means to come into church on Sunday and find that your stuff has disappeared. They have no clue that I am the one who catches flack for how the youth treat the church and the rooms that they use. They have never in their lives actually had to buy anything so they can’t understand that they can’t just take whatever they see. I know why they are like they are, but it still drives me crazy.

5 thoughts on “I Hate Teenagers

  1. John says:

    Shane you have a great blog, It is posts like this and then the serious posts that make it awesome. I read your questions post in my message tonight. It worked out so perfect I started along the same lines last week then saw it and used it tonight. Tonight was one of those nights where everything falls into place and big things just happen. The kind of night you wish you could have every wednesday. Thanks for your blog the realness, seriousness, and lightheartedness,(if those are all words) make for a great blog. I can so relate to this post by the way.

  2. James Owoolabi says:

    I resound with you my fellow youth pastor. I wish you strength and patience for you. I pray God’s grace on you.

  3. Andy says:

    Wow. Double wow. Not only do I pray for grace for you as James does, but also for physical restraint so that you don’t beat those little kids up. Have mercy. A few questions though:

    What did the kids say when you yelled at them?Have you talked to either their mom or dad about the situation?What plan did you set forth for them to pay back the cost of the snacks they decided to partake of?Are they like this when other kids are around, or only when left to their own devices?Would it be possible to set up an ongoing project for these two to work on while waiting on their mom? Something constructive?Do their parents come to church there on a regular basis? This might be a good “in” to talk to them.

    Just some thoughts I had while reading. I feel for ya, brother. Tough situation.

  4. -Justin- says:

    Man, I am sorry to hear you are dealing with that. I have a couple of kids whose parents come late to get them each Wednesday night. Last night, I was chasing the car across the parking lot to tell the mom that we have been finished with group for 35 minutes. Next Wednesday will be interesting to see if she listened.

  5. Lindsay says:

    You definately have your hands full! I just want to share that I know exactly how you feel. I have 3 boys, 5, 2, and 1. Lately I have felt like screaming. It seems as if there is nothing I can do to tame them. They are such boys! So energetic, lively, and stubborn. My house is impossible to keep clean, they are like little tornatoes creating disaster where ever they go. I have made a commitment to make my full time job raising them in a christian environment. The hardest thing is to keep my promise. I would sometimes love to put these little ones in daycare and get myself a job and be able to afford a babysitter more often. There are so many self sacrifices I have to make to do the line of work I have chose and commited to. What has helped me to stay on track is getting out once in a while, and focusing on more positive things that have reaped from my devotion. Also in the mean time I am seeking out advice and support. Children really are blessings. Just keep your eyes open for those rare times! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was a hormonal, mouthy, know it all teenager. I am very thankful for my family for tolerating and loving me, and especially for my youth pastor. There is so much that I learned and got out of youth group that wouldn’t have happened at home. God bless and hang in there!

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