I hope you dance!

So tonight the Catalyst Worship Arts Team lead us in worship through dance and as of right now I still have a job. Actually the whole night was very good.

It all started with practice, and I saw these students who are friends, but don’t really hang out much laughing together and bonding, and I also got an opportunity to just sort of hang out with them in small numbers. It seems like there are always a million people around on Wednesday nights and I miss the small group time. So it is cool to have time with just a few students. It is also cool because the whole point of the Worship Arts Team is help us build a stronger community, and it is neat to see that start to work.

As for the dance itself they were great. I was so proud of them. There was a part of me that wanted to turn around and see if anyone was going to get up and walk out, because I am sure people would have left at the church I went to when I was a youth. There may be a few people who thought it was inappropriate, and we will hear from those in the next few days I am sure, but all in all people seemed to enjoy it.

My sermon was about "burning for God" since the dance song was "burn for you" and I used the metaphor of dancing to talk about how we should serve God. In it I talked about being whole heartedly committed to God. You can’t halfway dance and dance well. You can’t halfway serve God and do it well. I also talked about being undignified. The key to dancing in a way that moves your soul is to forget about what you look like and just go for it.

By the way, Am I the only one who would love to see David dancing in front of the ark. There are some cool things in the Bible, bushes burning, seas parting, giants falling, donkeys talking, leapers healed, corpses raised, flames endured, and a whole host of other things, but aside for getting a chance to see Jesus I think I would most want to see David dancing "with all his might" before the Lord. That sounds like such an amazing expression of worship. Can you imagine if we had a president who loved God enough that he didn’t talk to advisors or take a poll but simply worshiped God in an undignified way in front of the whole country.

Anyway, I got off the subject. I closed the sermon with a call to be involved. There is nothing that bugs me more than people who stand on the wall and refuse to dance, but who criticize those who do. If you aren’t involved then I don’t want to hear you complain.

All in all for our first "big church" adventure into praise dancing I thought it went very well. Dance isn’t for everyone, especially watching it, but there were at least 3 people who found me afterwards and talked about how it helped them worship. I think when it comes to corporate worship we need to remember that it doesn’t always have to be one style one format. We are a body and we need to find ways to engage everyone in worship, at least some of the time.

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