I love his joy

The older Nathan gets the more I learn about worship and God’s relationship with us through it. Today Meredith promised Nathan a “treat”. He went crazy for it, saying “treat, treat, treat,” over and over again until we got back in the house and she pulled out some dried fruit. You couldn’t help but smile at his joy and his enthusiasm.

As I watch him I learn more and more about how God must see me. Sometimes we start to think of God as someone who is out to get us–someone who wants to trick us into doing good or who wants to take our fun away. But since God calls himself our father I think that he must feel somewhat how I feel about Nathan. I know that I love to give Nathan things that make him smile. I know that I love to see him get excited about a treat or about just about anything. His excitement is great for me.

And that is worship. It isn’t like God needs anything, I’m not saying that, but He must be glad at our excitement.

Of course the one thing that Nathan wants most from me isn’t a treat or a toy, but my presence. Nathan loves to be with me; I can see it in his eyes. I have to tell you it is one heady feeling to have your son running to you shouting daddy after only being away from you for 4 hours. I wonder if that is how God feels when I stop paying attention to my life and start running after Him calling His name in worship.

I think that most of us if we are honest aren’t like 2 year olds in our relationship with God. We are more like teenagers. We aren’t reveling in the little joys and showing our excitement at His mere presence. We are acting like we don’t care and surrounding ourselves with things that don’t matter and spending time with our heavenly Father more out of obligation that love.

Yep, we aren’t spiritual babes, we have matured all the way to being teenagers.  

One thought on “I love his joy

  • March 22, 2008 at 3:17 AM

    You are exactly right Shane! This is one of the first poems I wrote last fall – I think you’ll like it.


    When You see me God
    Am I like a newborn?
    Innocent and pure at heart?
    Ready to learn all about love?

    Or perhaps you see a two-year old
    Fiercely independent – I can do it myself!
    Do you watch me struggle to find my way?
    Do you hold my hand and
    Ask me to listen and obey?

    Perhaps you see a teen
    Undergoing some of the same trials.
    Fiercely independent – I have to do it my way.
    Do you ever tire from the battle?
    Do you wince when I slam the door?

    I hope you can see before you now
    Your child – me
    Ready to listen, ready to obey,
    Ready to believe.
    Grown up in faith –
    Ready to learn all about love.

    Unpublished © 2007 Diana Floress


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