I LOVE Squarespace

My sister and now my lovely wife both have blogs with the free service Blogger. It seems like lots of people use them and I can understand, it is free and very easy to start a blog. But I have this vision to create a very cool comic book theme for Nathan’s blog and I just can’t get Blogger to do what I want.

For someone who has had a web page since 1996 it is funny to think about how little HTML I know. In fact I know none at all. I have always used WYSIWYG services and have tweaked them using my own graphics and well luck actually. Squarespace is such a beautiful user interface. It was always intuitive and now version 5 makes it even more user friendly.

It isn’t like I am getting paid for this little plug, but an hour of tutorials on Blogger and I am pretty sick of the whole thing. I am sure there are people who know more than me and I see people who get lots of great things from Blogger, but I just don’t know if it is going to be me.

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