I Love Teenagers: I Wish

I had big plans to follow up the crazy post of last nigt with this really cool post about how Wildlife went really great tonight and how I really actually love teenagers. It didn’t exactly go that way, but I do really love teenagers. One cool thing was that the guys that I yelled at did come back and their mom was actually on time to pick them up so tat was a good thing.

I attempted to play "Underground Church" that age old staple of youth ministries, and it worked OK, but the students just didn’t have the patients to really get it going. I can remember playing as a youth and one game lasting over an hour as people stealthily moved around trying to share the location of the church with others. These guys were just running around like hooligans.

In the end I think I learned something. Middle school students are still children and they will act like children unless there are olders students around setting a different example. I am desperate to split my group into high school and middle school groups. I think I could do more effective ministry to both of them if they were split. So if anyone wants to come and intern with me to take one of the groups you are invited. I can’t pay you, but if you agree to keep the house clean we might let you live with Meredith and I.

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