I Missed It

I haven’t really chronicled life in our student ministry for the past few months, but just to get you caught up we have been meeting in the sanctuary and the children have been meeting in what was formally our space for AWANA. This caused a few problems. The sanctuary is just too big, so it seemed like no one was there. The sound was never quite right, and we couldn’t use the lights and such to set a mood. All in all it just always felt like Sunday church, just with louder music.

Anyway, we were slowly starting to find our groove, but still struggling a bit, and then a plan arose to get the adults back in the sanctuary (and out of the hole they were meeting in) and us back in our space. A wall was knocked down and suddenly we are back in our old room.

Tonight I was not very happy about that, though. By no fault of my own (I have been waiting for other people to move their stuff out of the room) I had to get everything set up and moved tonight. When I left the house I told my wife that it would be a six hour process. I was almost right as it took me over five hours to move, set up, and test everything again.

But while I was there setting up the lights, listening to music I found myself smiling. I had missed that old room. I had missed late nights there setting up stuff. I had missed those solitary work hours where I was tired and sweaty, but honestly feeling good because I knew that everything I did was one more distraction I was removing for a teenager who desperately needs to connect with God. I had missed the worship of setting up chairs, the prayer that comes as you contemplate each student who will sit there. I honestly never thought I would say such a thing, but it’s true.

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