I need one of these


10 thoughts on “I need one of these

  1. Allie H says:

    Is that R2D2 in the back? I love R2D2! I had R2D2 under-roos when I was little. :)

  2. -B says:

    R2D2 Underoos. That’s funny. Judging by your comments on here, I would’ve guessed you as more of the dominant, stong-minded, independent character underwear wearer. I don’t know, maybe Wonder Woman or something.

  3. Allie H says:

    Oh yes, B, I had Wonder Woman underoos. They were my top pick. R2D2 was a strong second place choice though. Wonder Woman was the ultimate girl superhero. Awwwwwwwwwww I miss her!:)

  4. The Average Youth Minister says:

    I was showing off my inner dork over at Gizmodo about this picture and said that it looked more like an A-wing. Then someone pointed out that A-wings don’t have astromech droids. I was like, "Dang It! I was out geeked."

    But then I got on here and Allie H and her Underoos made my geek look even smaller. I am humbled.

  5. Andy Crouch says:

    Where’s the pic? Is there a link? What did I miss?!??!

  6. Allie H says:

    I do happen to have a pic of myself sporting my Wonder Woman Underoos, but don’t know how to post the pic. :( It was such a cute pic -so young and full of dreams!

  7. -B says:

    It’s the strangest thing. A blog that I used to frequent in hopes of reading about a creative worship idea or two, is on its way to becoming a place to find pictures of a woman in her undergarments. And yet, I can’t look away…….

  8. Allie H says:

    like when I was 4!!

  9. -B says:

    I’d like to thank my peanut gallery of friends in advance for not making any "younger girl" comments.

  10. The Average Youth Minister says:

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