I say Merry Holidays

I have been hearing about this war that is on Christmas. I am not much of a Fox News watcher so it has taken me a while to get involved in this war. Lately I have been around Christians who are all up in arms about how “they” are stealing Christmas and they are always shocked at how little I seem to care. There are so many people that feel like it is their Christian duty to not only say Merry Christmas but be belligerent about it.

Does anyone else think it is strange that what is intended to be a nice way of wishing someone well has basically became a way of telling someone off. “I say Merry Christmas and if you don’t like it well then you can just kiss it.” I just don’t understand why that helps our cause as Christians. What is causing the most damage in this “War on Christmas” are the Christians who are using Christmas as a way to belitle people who don’t believe the way that they believe. Does anyone else find this just sad that at Christmas time when we could be reaching out with the love of Christ we are instead fighting over words.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If more Christians lived like Christians then we would have this problem, but it is much easier to put up a wall around yourself and get excited against everyone who isn’t like you and paint them as evil. It is much easier to just say, “I say Merry Christmas, darn it” than actually getting to know someone and living like Christ in front of them.

There is a war on Christmas, but it has nothing to do with words, it has to do with Christians who have become more concerned with winning a political argument than loving others. There is a war on Christmas and we are losing this celebration of God’s gift of Jesus to the world because we are more concerned about losing a few traditions. There is a war on Christmas and the very people who feel like they are standing up for God are turning people away from Him.

If we are going to declare war, why not declare war on the sin in our lives. If we are going to declare war why not declare war on poverty or loneliness. Think about this, if everyone who was upset about such and such store not saying Merry Christmas would instead give a gift to someone with a real need this year. That would change some minds and and soften some hearts.

While we are at it, let me just say that Christians are very giving people. They build hospitals support charities work in food banks and with the homeless. Christians are the first ones to help out in disasters and they are usually the last ones to leave. But somehow the dominate image of Christians by most non-Christians is of political agendas, boycotts, and bigotry. What can we do to change that?

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