I want to be a writer…

…at least this week I do. So I spent most of last night just trying to organize what I have written and what ideas I have that are in my head by not written yet and figuring out who might want to publish them. It is more work than just sitting down to write that is for sure.

Most of the things that I have been paid to write have sort of fallen into my lap. People call me up and say they liked me on Nailscars.com and want to know if I can write, or they see something on the site and want to know if they can print it. I guess I did submit some samples for LifeWay that kicked that off, but it wasn’t like I was stressing over them or anything.

I guess at some point in time if I really want to write I will have to start doing the work of a writer. That is unless there is anyone from Group or Youth Specialties who wants a 10 week lesson series on Ephesians or anyone at all who wants to publish my creative prayers journal. If so just send me an email and you can save me from lots of work.  

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